Monday, December 31, 2018

PRICING 2018 ★ 2018年度ベトナム語翻訳通訳料金目安

Translation Pricing 2018

Note: For reference only. For quotation of each document, please view our Quotation Policy.
Tax and official invoice (for local enterprises or representative offices in Vietnam): Official invoice ("red invoice") will be issued with VAT (value-added tax) added, which equivalent to 10% of total amount.

For better price: Policy of reduction in price / 翻訳値引き制度 / Chế độ giảm giá phí dịch thuật



TRANSLATION PRICING 2018 ★ベトナム語翻訳料金目安
General Document
Expert Document
Difficult Document
95K ~
195K ~
295K ~
120K ~
225K ~
325K ~
75K ~
155K ~
255K ~
90K ~
185K ~
285K ~
170K ~
350K ~
450K ~
170K ~
350K ~
450K ~
75K ~
155K ~
255K ~
90K ~
195K ~
295K ~
*1K = 1000VND. Prices are for 1 A4 page: See Pricing.

Class C Interpreter
Class B Interpreter
Class A Interpreter
Tour guide
Japanese⇔ Vietnamese
150 USD~
250 USD~
350 USD~
English⇔ Vietnamese
150 USD~
220 USD~
295 USD ~
Japanese⇔ English
295 USD~
350 USD~
450 USD~
Chinese⇔ Vietnamese
*Pricing for 8 hour pack.
**Expenses of transportation and meal: Actual cost
***Overtime hours: To be charged hourly by 30 minute unit.
(C) SGA Company

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Utilize "Right Click Menu Key" for Trados translation

・右クリックメニュー表示の専用キーを活用してトラドスによる翻訳を効率化する (Utilize Right Click Menu Key to make translation work using Trados more efficient
・左手のマウス使用 (Using mouse with left hand)

When translating with Trados, I want to use mouse with my left hand and use Copy & Paste with my right hand. With "Ctrl C" and "Ctrl V" shortcut for Copy and Paste, it's quite inconvenient and inefficient since I'm using mouse with my left hand. It's awkward to press Ctrl C or Ctrl V with my right hand.

So here's the solution: Use "Right Click Menu Key" on the keyboard (Windows PC).

"Right Menu Key" lies between "alt" and "ctrl" keys

This button will show up the right menu:

You can use Up ↑ and Down ↓ key to choose Copy and Paste.


マウスは左手で使っています。(右手を保持するためです。)しかし、左手で右を使用するとCtrl C(コピー)とCtrl V(ペースト)が不便になります。


そうするには「右メニューキー」(上記の写真)を使います。テキストをマウスなどで選択し、右メニューキー(右クリックするとき表示されるめメニューを示すキー)をクリックしてUp ↑とDown ↓のキーでコピーやペーストが選べます。


Saturday, June 2, 2018

How to fix "Script Error" occurred in SDL MultiTerm Desktop

To fix "Script Error" in SDL MultiTerm Destop, click Yes until the error window dissapears.
Then close MultiTerm and restart it.

Version: SDL MultiTerm 2017 Desktop

SDL MultiTermの「スクリプトエラー」を直すためには


トラドスのScript Errorと同じバッグでしょう。開発者のアップグレードまで待つしかないと思います。

追記:Script Errorが出たときのMultiTermのメモリー(RAM)使用は異常に高いです。


Friday, June 1, 2018

Trados SDL "Script Error"

Description: When working on a Trados translation project, you can add new term by right-click and "Add New Term" but you cannot modify or add new term in Termbase Viewer as before. A "Script Error" window appears and regardless you click "Yes" or "No" (to run script), the new term is not added. This is a bug of Trados SDL program, not fixed yet at this moment.

These are method that doesn't help solving the problem:

  • Update both Trados SDL adn MultiTerm Desktop
  • Change Termbase Viewer layout (to "Flags layout" etc)

Trados version: Trados SDL 2017

"Script Error" issues

Appears when trying modifying newly added entry (e.g. to add new term etc):

Script Error
An error has occurred in the script on this page.
Line: xx
Char: xx
Error: 'Modern' is undefined
Code: 0
URL: file:///C:Program%20Files.......
Do you want to continue running scripts on this pages? Yes/No

Script Error
An error has occurred in the script on this page.
Line: xx
Char: xx
Error: Method not found: 'System.Object
System.String, Int32, Boolean, Boolean)'.
Code: 0
URL: file:///C:Program%20Files.......
Do you want to continue running scripts on this pages? Yes/No

How to fix this issue temporarily?

Open both (1) Trados SDL for translation and (2) MultiTerm Desktop to modify existing termbase you've just created through right-clicking on Trados SDL.

Using both Trados and MultiTerm Desktop until this bug gets fixed

トラドスのScript Errorの対応方法

Thursday, May 31, 2018

How to fix Trados SDL Error: "Out Of Memory Exception"

Error content: 'Exception of type "System.OutOfMemoryException" was thrown.'

How to fix this error:
Method 1: Shut down other unnecessary programs or softwares to release more memory.
Method 2: Restart Trados SDL when it freezes or seems to become freezed.
Method 3: Upgrade your computer's system memory or buy a new computer with more memory.

Error: Exception of type "System.OutOfMemoryException" was thrown.
(Trados SDL 2017)

このエラーは特にTrados SDLで大きなプロジェクトを翻訳しているときに起きます。大きな翻訳プロジェクトでTrados SDLがコンピューターのメモリー(RAM)を使い切って作業するためのメモリーがなくなるからです。したがって、Trados SDLがフリーズしてしまい、翻訳の作業を続けなくなります。



「Exception of type "System.OutOfMemoryException" was thrown.」を防ぐには




Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Combine two Trados termbases


Here's how to merge (combine) 2 different Trados termbases using SDL Multiterm 2017 Desktop (SDL Multiterm):

Step 1: Make backup copies of both termbases, in case something goes wrong.
Step 2: Export one of the termbases using SDL Multiterm.
Step 3: Import the resulting file (XML file) into the other termbase.

You have to ensure that two termbases to combine have same structure.

In my case, I want to merge two termbases into one:

First termbase: "MyFirstTermBase.sdltb"
Entry level
└Language: JAPANESE
└Language: English

Second termbase: "Yurica JVE 1.0 Termbase.sdltb"
Entry level
└Descriptive field: "Note"
└Language: JAPANESE
      └Descriptive field: "Usage"
      └Descriptive field: "Usage"
└Language: English
      └Descriptive field: "Usage"

I want to keep descriptive fields as in second termbase. So, first I export first termbase ("MyFirstTermBase.sdltb") to XLM file, then I open second termbase ("Yurica JVE 1.0 Termbase.sdltb") to import this XML file.

About descriptive fields, please view How to add a descriptive field to term level.

Picture guide of combining two SDL Trados termbases

Step 0: Backup both Trados termbases
Folder: This PC > Documents > Studio 2017 > Termbases
Copy ".sdltb" to other place.

Step 1: Open first termbase

Monday, May 14, 2018

How to show Termbase Viewer when using Trados

Sometimes, Termbase Viewer does not show when we start using Trados. Even when we use "Termbase search" to search a term and  right click the term to choose "View term details".

Termbase Viewer should show like this:

How to show Termbase Viewer when using Trados

Here's simple method to show Termbase Viewer in SDL Trados Studio:
  1. Minimize SDL Trados Studio window (e.g. click to set focus and click again Trados icon on the taskbar)
  2. Restore SDL Trados Studio window (e.g. click Trados icon on the taskbar)
Termbase Viewer should appear along with Trados window. This definitely is a bug, I think so, and I have to use this trick to bypass.

Monday, May 7, 2018


英語:financial statements
ベトナム語:báo cáo tài chính(財政報告書)

  • 損益計算書 Profit and Loss Statement のベトナム語翻訳
  • 貸借対照表 Balance Sheet のベトナム語翻訳
  • キャッシュフロー計算書 Cash Flow Statement のベトナム語翻訳
翻訳ツール:TRADOS 2017、弊社辞書




また、ベトナム語の財務諸表(báo cáo tài chính)を日本語・英語に翻訳します。


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Nuance difference between "Dangerous" and "Hazardous"


Dangerous = 行動的に・状況的に危険
Hazardous = 性質的に・本質的に危険

だから、Hazardousは「危険+有害」ということだ。例えばhazardous waste, hazardous materialなどである。性質から危険性、有害性を伴うのがHazardousである。

それに対してDangerousは一般的な「危険」と言えよう。何かをすると危険である。例えばdangerous weaponの場合、その武器(weapon)そのものが危険ではなく、引き金を引くなど行動を起こす時に人に危険であろう。

Dangerous = 行動を起こしたりすると危険
Hazardous = 何もしなくても(性質的に)危険

Phân biệt sắc thái "Dangerous" và "Hazardous"

Dangerous = nguy hiểm nói chung / nếu hành động vv sẽ gây nguy hiểm
Hazardous = nguy hiểm về mặt tính chất, bản chất / không làm gì cũng gây nguy hiểm


Friday, May 4, 2018

Nuance difference between "Procastinate/Procrastination" and "Postpone"


Postpone = 延期する、後回しにする、先送り(に)するなど
Procastinate/Procrastination = 先延ばしする;ぐずぐずすること;引き延ばすことなど






Phân biệt sắc thái giữa "Procastinate/Procrastination" và "Postpone"

Postpone = 延期する、後回しにする、先送り(に)するなど
Procastinate/Procrastination = 先延ばし

Postone = hoãn, hoãn lại, dời lại, dời lại sau vv
Procrastination = trì hoãn, không làm ngay hay trì hoãn, lần lữa việc nghĩ rằng nên làm hay phải làm ngay bây giờ

(C) SGA Translation

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trados: Create a new translation memory for my project

A translation project in termbase may use translation memories (TM) and/or termbases. We should use both TM and termbases for our translation projects.

Difference between Translation Memory, Termbase and Machine Translation

Termbase: Contain entries which usually are translations of words (entries) in two or several languages.
For example:
Entry #2103:
  └English: challenge
  └Japanese: チャレンジ
  └Japanese: 挑戦
  └Vietnamese: thử sức
  └Vietnamese: khiêu chiến

Translation Memory: Store pairs of sentences in 2 languages (source language and target language).
For example TM with Japanese as source language and Vietnamese as target language:
  ┌Source text: 先に失礼します。
  └Target text: Tôi xin phép về trước ạ.
You must translate yourself these sentences for the first time (e.g. human translation).

Machine Translation: Translation done by machine e.g. automatic translation (not human translation).

You can see detail explanation in FAQ about TM below.

Here's method to create a new TM for working project in Trados SDL.

Step 1: Click 'Translation memories' (bottom left) then 'New' (drop down) > New Translation Memory

Step 2: New Translation Memory

Trados termbase: How to add a descriptive field to term level

I've created a termbase with 3 languages: Vietnamese, Japanese and English. I also added a descriptive field called "note" to entry level, but this field is not so useful. Now, I want to add a field named "usage" to term level so I can add example sentence to see how term can be used.

Vietnamese: Thêm trường mô tả cho mỗi thuật ngữ trong Trados

My Ideal: I can add 'usage' field (example sentences of usage) for each term

It should look like this:

Each term will have a field call "Usage" to add example sentences of its usage.

Entry level, Language level, Term level

Trados SDL termbase will have 3 levels:

Entry level => Language Level => Term level

You can add descriptive fields to each and all these 3 levels. In above image, I have "note" field for Entry level, and "Usage" for Term level (which I explain how to add in this article) and no descriptive fields for Language level (though I can add later as explained in this post).

Here's the flow of adding a descriptive field "Usage" to term level step by step.

Step 0: Back up your termbase first

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Difference between "test" and "check": How to translate "test" and "check" into Vietnamese


Test: Do a trial to see if something runs well or not.


Check: Run a trial to confirm the result is good.

How to translate "test" and "check" into Vietnamese


テストkiểm tra chạy thử kiểm tra thử thửtest
チェックkiểm tra kiểm tra xác nhận xác nhậncheck

Thursday, February 22, 2018

How to convert and import Excel glossary into Trados SDL MultiTerm

In this article I will provide a simple guide to convert and import a Microsoft Excel glossary file into Trados SDL MultiTerm.

We do this process through 3 simple steps.
Step 0: Prepare an Excel file with header fields.
(For example, 3 columns of terms: First column are terms in Vietnamese language with header field "Vietnamese", second column are terms in Japanese language with header field "Japanese", third column are terms in English with header field "English". You can choose any name for header fields.)

Excel file example (with 3 languages):

Excel file example: 1st column is Vietnamese term list with header field "Vietnamese"
2nd column is Japanese term list with header field "Japanese"
3rd column is English term list with header field "English"

Step 1: Using MultiTerm Convert.exe to convert Excel file into XML file.
Choose "Microsoft Excel format".

The wizard will list header fiels for you and you have to match each header field with a proper language e.g. Vietnamese language for "Vietnamese" header field, etc.

Step 2: Using MultiTerm.exe to import XML file into MultiTerm termbase.

Open the termbase you created previously, click "Termbase Management" in lower left corner to show "Catalog Categories" tree, right click "Import" and click "Process".

For full process please see this Japanese article: EXCELをトラドスMultiTermに変換する簡単なガイド (2018)
English guide and PDF manual by Jayne Fox (2012): How to import a bilingual Excel glossary into MultiTerm – for use in Trados Studio
Video guide by SDL Trados (Youtube 2015): How to convert a Microsoft Excel File to SDL MultiTerm

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Unicode lookup tools for Vietnamese characters

Method 1: Unicode Lookup

URL: https://unicodelookup.com/

For example: thiên tài (genius)

Method 2: Unicode character table

URL: https://unicode-table.com/en/

For example: ê

And many other websites to look up unicode for Vietnamese characters.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Online Vietnamese spell check

Note: This is for fun and reference only. We do not use external or online tools for our works due to our privacy policy. We develop our own tools such as dictionaries for spell checking using MS Office.

Online Vietnamese spell check for fun and personal uses

We use this online tool: http://vspell.com/Spell


To test this Vietnamese online spell checking service, we use our samples:
Phát âm không dùng (unused spell):
bớc, buỡng, guợc, huổm, muốm, quyếc, quyểng
Phát âm không có từ (right spell but not in any word):
bàm, chuẫn, chậng, ghện, ghền, hoãng, phưỡng
Sai chính tả thứ tự chữ (misspell of wrong letter order):
htứ, chươgn, rtá, hcốt, nhgề gnhiệp, kỷ cơưng, dễin tồung
Sai chính tả gõ sai (typo):
gnhiax hiepj, lihcj htieepj, lihr kinhr, chôp giuwtj, tươngz tư
Sai chính tả bỏ dấu sai (wrong tone position):
hoà haỏ tuỳ ý mừơng tựơng tíêng nứơc lâỳ lôị, đùê hùê quê muà bíết túột

For right spell checking, we use samples in What are Vietnamese characters.

Seeing is believing //百聞は一見に如かず. Here's the test result:
Vietnamese text with right spell: No Vietnamese spell errors highlighted

Vietnamese text with wrong spell: Only wrong spells highlighted

Works perfectly. However, not all Vietnamese words are registered so some words might be mistakenly recognized as misspell, e.g. 'đằng đẵng' (state of having been waiting for someone for a long time with a faint hope to see him/her again) will produce highlighted errors even though they are right spells:

Example sentence: Chờ đợi người ấy đằng đẵng bao năm tháng.

Check result:

It seems that VSpell checks whole words rather than each spell and not always produces right check result. (Above sentence is pefectly right.)

For Vietnamese spell checking with software

You can make Vietnamese spell checking dictionaries for Microsoft Office as we did or use third parties' softwares like VCatSpell of VietCatholic website. >>Download VCatSpell

VCatSpell can work with opened MS Word document and highlight misspells in yellow.

For more tools please check 'Vietnamese spell checking' page of Chu Viet Nhanh website:

How to type Vietnamese online

Some website for typing Vietnamese without any IME software.
>>Vietnamese input method

VNTyping Typing Vietnamese online using AJAX

URL: https://vntyping.com

UsefulWebTool Vietnamese Keyboard Online

URL: http://usefulwebtool.com/en/vietnamese-keyboard.php
*Use mouse click.

AngelTech - Typing Vietnamese online anywhere


Google Translate: Input Vietnamese using voice

Translation rule of 'や', 'など', 'et cetera', 'etc'

Rule: et cetera, など = vân vân / vv
We use 'vv' instead of 'v.v...' or 'v.v.' for simplification, and prevent too many punctiations like "v.v...,".

などvân vân v.v... v.v. vvet cetera etc.

Vietnamese IME: GoTiengViet

Official website/Download: http://www.trankynam.com/gotv/
Price: Free (there's a pricing option for MacOS)
Supported OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Version: 32 bit / 64 bit
File size: 1,205 KB / 497 KB (.NET version)

How to install GoTiengViet?

It's a portable app. Just download zip file from website and unzip it. This is what we get after unzipping:

'Resources' folder and 32 bit application file and 64 bit application file.
'Resouces' folder:

Just double click 'GoTiengViet.exe' ơ 'GoTiengViet64.exe' (64 bit) to run.

After GoTiengViet has started, this 'V' dark red icon appear in task bar:

Click it to change to change to English typing mode with 'E' blue icon:

How to use GoTiengViet app to type Vietnamese letters?

Some Vietnamese input methods (Mark input & Yurica Input)

For reference and our office works.

You can set these rules in Unikey as 'User defined' input method..

ăvrv / w
êwxe / v
Tone \ òqqf
Tone / ókzk
Tone ? ỏzbl
Tone ~ õsws
Tone . (dot) ọxvj
Tone input positionAfter vowel/End of wordAfter vowel/End of wordAfter vowel/End of word

How to auto text Vietnamese words with Unikey


For example typing "Vn" for "Việt Nam", "Jp" for "Japan" using free soft Unikey.

Open control panel by right click 'V' or 'E' icon:

Check all options in 'Macro options' and click 'Macro table...' to open Autotext table editor:

Input values in boxes and click 'Add' button to add. If you want to replace an existing auto text shortcut, choose that entry, input new value pair and 'Replace' button.

Press 'OK' to save.

A file name 'ukmacro.txt' will appear in Unikey folder:

This is its content:
;DO NOT DELETE THIS LINE*** version=1 ***
sg:sài gòn
vn:việt nam
Now you can open a document etc. to test by typing jp, JP, Jp, vn, VN, Vn. Here's the result:
jp => japan
Jp => Japan
vn => việt nam
Vn => Việt Nam
The case of replaced word will match the case of the shortcut you type (i.e. Lower/Upper/Proper).


If you press 'Select file...' button, the app will crash and cause a little freeze to your PC. If you edit ukmacro.txt file, it will not work. This is obviously a bug but not seems to be fixed soon.

In most case of manual operation, ukmacro.txt file will be erased. That means you have to manually input each auto text shortcut and pay attention not to touch this file nor press any button.

I don't recommend you to use auto text (or 'macro') of this app.

What are Vietnamese characters?


Vietnamese character list

Lower case //小文字Upper case //大文字
à á ả ã ạ ă ắ ặ â ấ ậ đ è é ẻ ẽ ẹ ê ề ế ể ễ ệ ì í ỉ ĩ ị ò ó ỏ õ ọ ô ồ ố ổ ỗ ộ ơ ờ ớ ở ỡ ợ ù ú ủ ũ ụ ư ừ ứ ử ữ ự ỳ ý ỷ ỹ ỵÀ Á Ả Ã Ạ Ă Ắ Ặ Â Ấ Ậ Đ È É Ẻ Ẽ Ẹ Ê Ề Ế Ể Ễ Ệ Ì Í Ỉ Ĩ Ị Ò Ó Ỏ Õ Ọ Ô Ồ Ố Ổ Ỗ Ộ Ơ Ờ Ớ Ở Ỡ Ợ Ù Ú Ủ Ũ Ụ Ư Ừ Ứ Ử Ữ Ự Ỳ Ý Ỷ Ỹ Ỵ

Without tones //声調なし
Lower case: ă, â, đ, ê, ô, ơ, ư
Upper case: Ă, Â, Đ, Ê, Ô, Ơ, Ư

Listing Vietnamese characters by tones

Tone //声調Lower //小文字Upper //大文字
Phụ âm //Consonant //子音đĐ
Không //No tones //声調なしă, â, ê, ô, ơ, ưĂ, Â, Ê, Ô, Ơ, Ư
Huyền //Declining (dropping) tone //下がり声調à ằ ầ è ề ò ồ ờ ù ừ ỳÀ Ằ Ầ È Ề Ò Ồ Ờ Ù Ừ Ỳ
Sắc //Raising tone //上がり声調á ắ ấ é ế ó ố ớ ú ứ ýÁ Ắ Ấ É Ế Ó Ố Ớ Ú Ứ Ý
Hỏi //Question tone //疑問声調ả ẳ ẩ ẻ ể ỏ ổ ở ủ ử ỷẢ Ẳ Ẩ Ẻ Ể Ỏ Ổ Ở Ủ Ử Ỷ
Ngã //Wave tone //波声調ã ẵ ẫ ẽ ễ õ ỗ ỡ ũ ữ ỹÃ Ẵ Ẫ Ẽ Ễ Õ Ỗ Ỡ Ũ Ữ Ỹ
Nặng //Dot (falling) tone //落ち声調ạ ặ ậ ẹ ệ ọ ộ ợ ụ ự ỵẠ Ặ Ậ Ẹ Ệ Ọ Ộ Ợ Ụ Ự Ỵ

Vietnamese sentence examples
Example 1:
Lời chào hỏi bằng tiếng Việt tới từ nước Mỹ: Cứ đi sẽ đến, cứ tìm sẽ thấy, cứ mơ mộng sẽ thành hiện thực

Example 2:
Cứ đi sẽ đến. Cứ tìm sẽ thấy. Cứ gõ cửa sẽ mở. Cứ mơ mộng sẽ thành hiện thực.
Here's image of Vietnamese character list:

Typing Vietnamese characters: Comparing TELEX, VNI, VIQR, VIQR2 methods

For input Vietnamese characters you can use e.g. Unikey.

TELEX: Using alphabet letters only to type Vietnamese characters with hook/moon, umbrella/roof, and Vietnamese tones. >>See Unikey

VNI: Using number keys to type Vietnamese characters and tones
8 for moon mark: a8 = ă
6 for roof/umbrella: a6 = â, e6 = ê, o6 = ô
7 for hook mark: o7 = ơ, u7 = ư
1 for raising tone: o1 = ó
2 for declining/dropping tone: o2 = ò
3 for questing tone: o3 = ỏ
4 for wave tone: o4 = õ
5 for dot tone: o5 = ọ
9 for đ/Đ: d9 = đ

( for moon mark: a( = ă
^ for roof/umbrella: a^ = â, e^ = ê, o^ = ô
+ for hook mark: o+ = ơ, u+ = ư
' for raising tone: o' = ó
` for declining/dropping tone: o` = ò
? for questing tone: o? = ỏ
~ for wave tone: o~ = õ
. for dot tone: o. = ọ
d for đ/Đ: dd = đ

If you are using a Vietnamese IME like Unikey, it should convert e.g. tie^'ng Vie^.t to tiếng Việt for you. If not, people still understand tie^'ng Vie^.t as tiếng Việt.

VNQR2: Same as VNQR except:
* for hook mark: o* = ơ, u* = ư

Comparison table of TELEX, VNI, VIQR, VIQR2

Vietnamese IME: Unikey


What is Unikey?

Unikey is the most popular Vietnamese IME (input method editor) to input Vietnamese characters.

Official site and download: http://www.unikey.org/

This site is the only official site. Other ones are imposters.

Latest version (as of February, 2018): UniKey 4.2 RC4
UniKey 4.2 RC4, 32 bit, ZIP file: Build 140823 (197 KB). Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1.
UniKey 4.2 RC4, 64 bit, ZIP file: Build 140823 (229 KB). Supports 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1.

How to install Unikey - most popular Vietnamese input method editor (IME)

Step 1: Download zip file of latest Unikey version from site mentioned above. Unzip it and you'll get two files: UniKeyNT.exe and keymap.txt.

Step 2: Double-click UniKeyNT.exe file to run Unikey.
This is a portable application and requires no installations.

Unikey app icon will show up in taskbar like this with a dark-red 'V' letter:

You can start type Vietnamese now. To turn off Vietnamese typing mode (English typing mode), click app icon ('V' icon), it will change to a blue 'E' icon:

Step 3: Exit Unikey app.
To quit Unikey, right click app icon ('V' or 'E') and choose 'Kết thúc' (Finish).

Right-click > 'Kết thúc' to terminate Unikey

Explaining Unikey app

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Making my VBA Excel functions available everywhere

Register custom VBA functions to Excel

Vietnamese: Đăng ký hàm số VBA của bạn với Excel để chạy mọi lúc, mọi nơi

Step 1: Open or create an Excel file, Windows + Fn + F11 to open Visual Basic Editor, Insert > Module. Input your function.

Step 2: Save as ... > Excel Add-in.
AddIns folder:

For example save as MyFunctions (MyFunctions.xlam)

Step 3: Excel Options > Add-ins > Choose "MyFunctions" (my custom Add-in) > "Go" button
設定(G) button in Japanese Excel.

Set check for "MyFunctions":

Reference: KB

Edit/Removing Custom Functions & Macros

Open an Excel file.
"Developer" tab > "Visual Basic" > Edit or remove (delete) functions and macros.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hướng dẫn kiểm tra chính tả tiếng Việt với OpenOffice


Khác với kiểm tra lỗi chính tả tiếng Việt trong Microsoft Office, kiểm tra chính tả tiếng Việt trong OpenOffice đòi hỏi bạn cài thêm extension là Vietnamese SpellChecker (lưu ý có một số phiên bản bị lỗi khi cài). Bạn tải về file vi_spellchecker_ooo3.oxt và chạy để cài, hoặc cài từ Công cụ >> Bộ quản lý phần mở rộng >> Thêm ...

Lưu ý: Có thể nếu mở file .doc hay .docx sẽ không kiểm tra chính tả được mà nên dùng định dạng của OpenOffice. Cảm nhận là dù cài đủ vẫn không thấy chạy Spell Check có thể cần khởi động lại vv.

Cài OpenOffice

Tải từ trang openoffice.org:

Hướng dẫn tạo từ điển kiểm tra chính tả tiếng Việt trong MS Word

要旨:MSワードとMS Office向けベトナム語のスペルチェック:スペル辞書の作成からスペルチェックを有効にするまで

MS Office có chức năng kiểm tra lỗi chính tả, tuy nhiên thường chỉ cho tiếng Anh và tiếng Nhật mà không hỗ trợ tiếng Việt. Do đó, chúng ta cần tự tạo một file từ điển riêng và sử dụng từ điển này để kiểm tra chính tả. Ví dụ, tôi tạo file từ điển YURICA.DIC (chỉ là file text lưu dạng Unicode) gồm các phát âm phổ biến trong tiếng Việt. Tôi cố tình bỏ một số từ ít thông dụng ví dụ "ben" (xe ben, lang ben), "beng" (xà beng) vì nhu cầu chỉ là kiểm tra các từ thông dụng thôi, còn các từ ít dùng thì tự kiểm tra cũng được.

Bước 1: Tạo từ điển bằng file text ví dụ dùng Notepad (phải lưu encode là Unicode)

Đơn giản và gõ và xuống dòng:

Bước 2: Lưu vào thư mục từ điển của MS Office (có thể xài chung cho Office chứ không riêng gì Word)
Thường là: C:\Users\[TÊN NGƯỜI DÙNG]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\UProof

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Policy of reduction in price for large, repeated translation


In order to offer better pricing to our clients, we offer discounts for translation projects, jobs as below:

  • Large quantity of translation or repeated translation
  • Clients who had business with us in the past and trust quality of our services

Discount amount will be decided based on each project/job and will be informed from us to our client.
How to apply: Please inform us when you ask for our quote.





Để cung cấp giá dịch thuật tốt hơn cho khách hàng, chúng tôi áp dụng giảm giá và chiết khấu cho khách hàng quen với điều kiện:
- Khách hàng đã từng đặt hàng tại SGA và tin tưởng chất lượng dịch vụ của chúng tôi
- Dịch thuật với số lượng lớn/có tính chất lặp lại

Mức giảm giá hay chiết khấu sẽ được quyết định tùy theo tính chất cụ thể của từng công việc hay dự án dịch thuật. Xin hãy liên lạc trước lúc nhận báo giá.

Cách đăng ký: Liên lạc vào lúc hỏi báo giá.